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The main objectives of The Dance Workshop are to be at the forefront of the development of dance training with expression and communication as its core element. To encourage students to take a profound interest in dance and the theatrical arts both physically and intellectually whether they intend to take it up professionally or just recreationally. And to inspire creativity and innovation in all aspects of dance.

Upcoming Events

The Dance Workshop's annual performance will be held on the 26th November 2023 at St. Agatha's Auditorium in Rabat.  This year, the performance will be entitled "Unforgettable" and will be dedicated to women who have affected us and inspired us in so many ways.

Never more than now do children and young people need someone to look up to - someone who can inspire them through their actions and successes.  An Athlete, a movie star, a scientist, a writer – perhaps our children wish to follow the same path in life. 

Maria Montessori revolutionised early childhood education, Amelia Earhart an aviator, Frida Khalo a Mexican painter, and Ann Frank a diarist - they are women who have inspired so many people to become better and what they do and what they believe in.  Our choreographers will bring to life the memories of these women and their incredible lives.  Our performance will start with a short children’s ballet which will honour the memory of Princess Nathalie Poutiatine, who was so important to the development of dance here in Malta.

Tickets will be available from from 6th November 2023

Recent Events


Dance Expo '23

For the last day of the Spring 2023 term, The Dance Workshop organised a show of works for students from Grade 5 upwards.  This event was held at The Blue Box in MSpace in Msida on Saturday 24th June.  Choreographies in classical ballet, hip hop contemporary dance, modern dance and flamenco were presented during this 90 minute performance.

At the end of the performance, the school principal, Theresa Lungaro-Mifsud awarded scholarships to five students who performed well during the previous year.  These scholarships for a full year tuition for 2023/2024 were awarded to:

Julia Debono (Modern Dance)

Michela Scicluna  (Hip Hop)

Cristina Cachia  (Contemporary Dance)

Christa De Gray  (Classical Ballet)

Ellie Jo Mallia  (Classical Ballet)

Just class.jpg

"Just Class", performed during Dance Expo '23, by the students in the Unset Ballet Class (Level 3)

Choreography:  Pamela Kerr

Photo:  Lucien Stafrace

Cecchetti Malta Awards

Sunday 4th December 2022


What a lovely day to appreciate the work of Maestro Cecchetti and celebrating dance here in Malta! The Cecchetti Malta Awards were held on Sunday 4th December at Brigitte Gauci Borda School of Dance. It was indeed a pleasure to see 25 enthusiastic students participating and to see the high standard of the Cecchetti Work. The five participating schools were The Dance Workshop, Brigitte Gauci Borda School of Dance, Nicky’s dance studio, Seed and St Michael’s Foundation. This was our fourth edition of The Cecchetti Malta Awards which were established in 2018 by Ms Catherine Hutchon, former chair of the Cecchetti Faculty to honour the work of Ms Tanya Bayona.


Mr Barry McGrath, former principal with the Royal Ballet and London Festival Ballet was a worthy adjudicator. Ms Johane Casabene gave two wonderful classes where the Cecchetti principles were very evident. Ms Maria Attard accompanied the classes on the piano.


The Cecchetti Junior Awards

Winner - Milly Bartolo - Brigitte Gauci Borda

Runner Up - Sasha Casolani - Brigitte Gauci Borda

Commendation - Julia Gauci - Marisha Bonnici


The Tanya Bayona Senior Award

Winner - Lea Ellul Sullivan - Marisha Bonnici

Runner Up - Thea De Gray - Theresa Lungaro-Mifsud

5 teachers coordinated the awards locally

Theresa Lungaro-Mifsud, Brigitte Gauci Borda, Johane Casabene, Mireille Coleiro and Nicola Fenech.

Philippa McMeechan and Sophie Maasland were instrumental in coordinating the event for ISTD.

The Tanya Bayona Senior Award would not have been possible without the support of The Cecchetti Trust. We would like to thank them all for their dedication




Mr Barry McGrath presenting

certificates to Thea de Gray and Lea Ellul Sullivan

Mr Barry McGrath with local coordinators  

Johane Casabene, Brigitte Gauci Borda, Theresa Lungaro-Mifsud, Mireille Coleiro and Nicola Fenech

After three years of absence due to the pandemic, The Dance Workshop presented its annual dance performance at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta. “My Favourite Things”, was held on the 29th May 2022 and it brought together all the dance genres taught at The Dance Workshop.  

The teachers and choreographers worked on their favourite themes in life, with summer and the sea being at the forefront of these themes.  Pamela Kerr’s “It feels like summer”, Douglas Comley’s “Beach Vibes” and “Sunrise at Sea” by Christina Cefai and Francesca Rubei, all paid tribute to their favourite time of the year.  Francesca Rubei’s love for reading was depicted in her choreography of “Lost in a Good Book”.  

One of Theresa Lungaro-Mifsud’s fondest memories was watching The New Year’s Day concert on TV and this inspired her 25-minute children’s ballet which opened the second part

of the performance.  Theresa also prepared the libretto for “La Petite Sylphide” which she and the ballet faculty choreographed especially for the lower school. Theresa’s love of Italy also led her to choreograph “La Bell’Italia” an energetic tarantella set to music by Louis Moreau Gottschalk. The Hip Hop faculty, prepared by Sue Vassallo, brought to life three pieces – “School’s Out”, “Besties” and “Music”.  Jade Farrugia choreographed her dance inspired by the Cosmos, whereas Sara Accettura’s dance brought to life different Colours.  Bettina von Brockdorff’s “Por El Manton” was a tribute to the use of a shawl in traditional flamenco dance. 

The modern theatre faculty, under the direction of Diane Portelli, performance a series of 5 dances to bring us a powerful piece dedicated to “Superheroes”.

As in previous performances, “My Favourite Things” came to a close with the traditional short extract of Repertoire from the Golden Age of Ballet - this time with The Dance of the Hours from the ballet “Coppelia”

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 4pm to 9pm 

Saturday - 9am to 1pm 

Sunday - Closed


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