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The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing was established in 1904, with a mission to educate the public in the art of dancing in all its forms; today the Society strives to advance excellence in dance teaching and education. It promotes knowledge in each specialty and provide up-to-date techniques in the ever-changing world of dance. The society works hard to maintain and improve teaching standards in schools, academies and performing arts settings across the world. 

It is known for our quality of teaching, our diversity of dance forms, and a passion for raising standards.

The ISTD puts itd members – teachers of dance – at the heart of everything it does. Supporting their career development and progression by providing a range of resources, events, training and continuous professional development, all designed to support your journey through dance. 

The Society is a registered educational charity, regulated examinations board and membership association. With 6,000 members in 59 countries worldwide, it conducts over 120,000 examinations and 20,000 hours Continuing Professional Development each year.

At The Dance Workshop, students aged 5 and over may take their Classical Ballet examination.  The first three years are dedicated to class examinations where the teachers accompany 4 students into the exam which has a relaxed classroom atmosphere.  Following these initial exams, Grade 1 level is taken at the age of 7. There are 6 grades, and these prepare the students for their vocational examination namely Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.  The Dance Workshop is very proud to have been the first ISTD Approved Dance Centre in Malta. 


Modern Theatre Examinations are also held annually. 

More information about ISTD in the following link:

Our Mission - Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (

 Maestro Enrico Cecchetti giving a private lesson to

 Anna Pavlova, St. Petersburg, c.1905

Spanish Dance Society

The Spanish Dance Society (SDS) was set up more than 50 years ago and the Programmes of Study encompass all the richness of Spain’s Culture.  The examinations are suited to age and ability. There is a choice of two types of examinations, both comprising Junior graded examinations from Primary to a Senior vocational programme of study, ending in two teachers’ examinations of “Instructor de Baile” and a final “Profesor de Baile”.

“Por El Manton” - Choreography Bettina von Brockdorff

Performance:  My Favourite Things, May 2022
Photo:  John Grech

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