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Bettina von Brockdorff

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Specialisation: Flamenco and Spanish Dance

Qualifications: DpP Cat C, SDA, B.Sc Hons) Pharm.,  M.Sc (Melit), M. Pharm (Melit)

Bettina von Brockdorff.jpg

“Por el Manton” - Choreography Bettina von Brockdorff

Performance:  My Favourite Things, May 2022
Photo:  John Grech

Bettina von Brockdorff is a Spanish Dance and Flamenco choreographer, teacher and dancer. She took over the Flamenco dance faculty at The Dance Workshop in 2015. She is a fully qualified Spanish dance teacher of the Spanish Dance Society and holds the highest teaching qualification, Profesor de Baile. She is also an administrator of the Sharon Sapienza Foundation which aim is to promote Spanish Dance in Malta. Bettina began her dance training in ballet and furthered with Spanish Dance and Flamenco. She was awarded the Malta Arts Scholarship and studied Spanish dance professionally in Jerez de la Frontera in Spain for two years. She currently teaches freelance and attends festivals and workshops internationally.

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